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The second decade of the Institute for Communal Contemplation and Dialogue (ICCD) began in 2012. Evolving out of ICCD’s successes of the past ten years the focus of the second-decade programs is twofold: to continue the engaging impasse process which has been the keystone of ICCD’s work; and to assist in the movement for the transformation of consciousness by providing opportunities, processes and reflections which deepen the capacity for communal contemplation and dialogue.

The programs offer us a way to explore how we can continue to live out of a transformed consciousness in the midst of systems and institutions which are stuck in old paradigms; to share how we live the integration of our contemplative awareness with our concrete responses to the injustices we experience in our everyday lives; and to reflect on how contemplation and action can be woven into their rightful whole.

Believing that we are living at the chaos point ICCD understands that there is the opportunity for breakthrough rather than continued breakdown. More and more people are facing into knowing that something is wrong and that a needed response must come from the deep place of one’s divine indwelling. Imagining new ways of being and doing rooted in a communal contemplative process is an urgent need in our church and in our world. Without that commitment to contemplative practice the shifts in our consciousness that we so need to “take a long loving look at the real” will not happen. Without the transformation of consciousness we will be stuck in an old way of seeing that fosters duality and separation rather than unity and connectedness. With contemplative practice we are “putting on the mind of Christ” – Christ consciousness.

Engaging Impasse: Circles of Contemplation and Dialogue® invites participants to look at impasses they experience in church and society from the perspective of communal contemplation and dialogue; to face into one’s fears as to why the impasse evoked in them such feelings; and to imagine another way of being and doing. This has been the major program of the Institute and is offered one or two times a year. The program is offered as a seven-day process but can also accommodate a two-meeting process of three and four days.

Persons interested in participating in one of the Circles can request an application by contacting Please put in the subject line Engaging Impasse Circles Inquiry.

Exercising Contemplative Power is the focus for the next phase of ICCD’s work and this theme is the name and core of ICCD’s new program. The program began with a series of conference calls during which participants in the Engaging Impasse Circles reflected together on how we exercise contemplative power in relation to various issues: Middle East, Political Climate; Global Climate Change; Church; Immigration; The Human Face of Globalization. These titles would be linked internally. The Exercising Contemplative Power section of the website is set up as a blog so that you can join in the reflections and contemplative conversations.

For any further information, please contact

Transformation in a Time of Uncertainty (TITU) is a one-day program offered around the US and Canada. It is designed to engage persons who resonate with ICCD’s beliefs to explore the time in which we live; to learn how to listen and speak from a contemplative heart; and to invite conversations among different perspectives. The program begins with a one-day gathering. It invites participants to continue a commitment to the power of contemplation to transform one’s consciousness through a communal process over a period of time through conference calls and blogs.

Persons interested in participating or sponsoring a Transformation in a Time of Uncertainty program should contact Please put TITU Inquiry in the subject line.

Other ICCD Programs rooted in contemplation and dialogue have been individually designed for a variety of congregational Assemblies and Chapters

  • Congregational/Corporate/Pre-Chapter Retreats
  • Leadership for Transformation
  • Days of Reflection
  • Group Processes

Persons interested please contact ICCD at Please put Other Program Inquiry in the subject line.

A Coffee and Tea Contemplation Party is an invitation from ICCD for you to host a different kind of party among your family, friends and colleagues during this time so marked by polarization. It is a party that honors and respects differences and believes that we are more alike than different and that we share a common dream for our future. It is a party simply to celebrate that in silence with each other. It is a party to help dissolve the barriers that keep us apart and open up some space where perhaps we can walk together into the future. It is a party that is rooted in the deep spiritual practice of contemplation.

Persons interested please contact ICCD at Please put Hosting A Coffee and Tea Contemplation Party in the subject line.

For an entire description of the Campus Program, click here.

Young adults whose internal worlds are all too often in a state of upheaval as they seek to negotiate questions of belief, identity, and life purpose, face a world at a critical juncture. Jobs are hard to find which creates a sense of economic insecurity and cynicism. Government is cast in suspicion and irrelevancy, no longer inspiring service for the common good. Violence permeates the society in which they live and religion has become stale, and irrelevant. Structures that shape society no longer work and neither do efforts to effect systemic change. Young adults are, therefore, faced with the dual task of resolving life development issues even as they are challenged to assume the role of change agents on the systemic level of society.

Through participation in this program young adults will experience the power of the Divine within them in a way which holds great potential for them. With being thus empowered by the Divine, they may be able to face the future with a new consciousness which will assist in their own life development, even as it inspires new methods for effecting social transformation. This new way of being will embody the values needed to transform not only individual life styles, but also unjust structures. Working out of one’s Divine center often leads to a clarification and understanding of personal and societal values resulting in making future choices which will empower themselves and others, i.e. less consumerism as a method to “obtain” happiness, less extreme individuality supplanted with a greater sense of the common good, and the importance of being in relationship with each other in non-violent ways leading to a greater unity among all life.

Program Goal:

To create an experience in which young adults would be invited into contemplative practice so as to experience the presence of the Divine within them where one’s true self resides so as to move forward in their own development with that awareness enabling them to engage the world out of compassionate love.

Program Outcomes:

  • To generate and achieve in participants an ongoing commitment to contemplative practice—individual and communal–as evidenced by their reported engagement in daily practice and/or attendance at communal contemplation gatherings.
  • To increase the self-reflective capacity of participants so that their deepening awareness of their “ Divine Self” serves as the context for their on-going growth as evidenced by a moderation of feelings of anxiety and concern, and growing sense of God’s abiding presence in conversation and/or reflection relating to unresolved personal issues.

And flowing from the above …

  • A concomitant willingness to engage the injustices of our world out of a spacious and compassionate heart as evidenced by the performance of concrete action/s relating to the advancement of justice and peace for people and planet.

Persons interested please contact ICCD at Please put CCP in the subject line.