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We invite you to take some time to read and enjoy these various articles which have shaped and/or flowed from our work in Impasse, Contemplation and Dialogue.

Impasse and the Dark Night

By Constance Fitzgerald, OCD

A number of issues in contemporary Christian spirituality under-pin and influence the theological interpretation developed in this chapter. Today our spirituality is rooted in experience and in story: the experience and story of women (poor women, black women, white women, exploited women, Asian women, Native American women, etc.);   Read More

Crucible for Change

Published by ICCD, Crucible for Change is an engaging series of reflections by Simone Campbell, SSS; Mary Hunt; Nancy Sylvester, IHM; Pat Kozak, CSJ and other prominent leaders.

The book can be purchased online at: Crucible for Change for $5.00.

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Risk the Sacred Journey

Nancy Sylvester, IHM

I see that we, women religious, in fidelity to the prompting of the Spirit initially revealed through the official Church, have given expression to a form of religious life situated in, critical of, and expressive of the culture and values of the United States. I note that it was the conviction of Pius XII that “sisters could be a powerful force for the healing of the world if they shed the accretions that had left them an anomaly in current times” (Quinonez and Turner, pg.18).

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Was Detroit a Prophetic Dream?

Nancy Sylvester, IHM

…But before we look at where we are now, I need us to take part in another remembering. For as we were engaging in the more public, political movements of our day, there was another journey many embarked upon. That is the journey inward, sharing in the more personal, psychological, spiritual, theological movements of our time. I want to specifically thank the Call To Action organization and all the men and women who have addressed these conferences through the years.  Read More